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General   (with links to a range of other useful sites)  (Young people ( 13 years and over) can telephone/email or webchat an adviser for careers help and support)


Interested in finding out about careers linked to Computer Science, Business or Sociology why not check out the links below:-


Sociology - Careers Resources - Digital Guide for VLE Sociology Digital Guide.rtf Download Link:


Computer Science - Careers Resources - Digital Guide for VLE Computer Science Digital Guide.rtf Download Link:


Business - Careers Resources - Digital Guide for VLE Business Digital Guide.rtf Download Link:


Careers Exploration (good starting place but you’ll need to register (free) on the site) (aimed at graduates but packed full of useful information) (with a South West England focus) (Video clips of people talking about their jobs and more besides) (More Video clips)


Labour Market Information


Understanding the future demand and remuneration for jobs should be a key aspect of careers decision making. We are keen to encourage students to include LMI into their careers exploration.


Careers in Healthcare  


Careers in Creative and Performing Arts    


STEM Careers  





Higher Education and Post 18 Options