Initial Teacher Training

What our trainees say 2016 - 2017


We are very proud that the trainees who have worked with us have learned so much during their placement.

This is what three of our trainees have said about their placement at Pershore High School:



'I have found Pershore High School to be an extremely supportive and caring place to do my ITT. I have felt that the school has been welcoming and the staff have always been willing to set aside time for me, giving a great deal of helpful advice and guidance along the way. The professional studies programme is well-structured covering a wide variety of themes within teaching and delivered by the appropriate experts in that area. I know that I have been fortunate to have had my placement here and that it has been a fantastic start to my career in teaching.'

Katharine – PGCE Science


My experience at Pershore High School has been extremely positive. I have been fully welcomed into both the school and the Design Technology Department and have received full support and guidance from both of my subject mentors and professional mentor.

My subject mentors have provided with all of the required information for me to plan my lessons from Key Stage 3- 5 but have also given me flexibility which is something that I have really enjoyed as I am able to put my own stamp on lessons. Both mentors are extremely good at their jobs and I feel that this experience to learn and opportunity to receive feedback from such outstanding teachers is invaluable.

My professional mentor has put together an extensive professional training plan for us which has been fully informative and interesting and provided the opportunity for all trainees to get together and share our experiences. I have also had the privilege of having an extra support mentor who is a member of staff from a different department who is able to observe my lessons and give me professional feedback from a completely objective and different viewpoint.

I feel that I have settled in well to my form group and have begun to fully understand the role of the form tutor and have enjoyed getting to know the pupils within my form group on a different level and assisting with tutor responsibility such as break time duty.

It has been a wonderful school to do my teacher training in thanks to the staff members who have dedicated their time to aiding my first step towards my career and for this I am truly grateful.

Lauren - PGCE Textiles



My time at PHS as a trainee teacher has been amazing with such great support from all staff but especially from my subject mentor and professional mentor. All staff have been welcoming, helpful, friendly and supportive which really helped me progress during placement. Every week a lesson was put aside for a weekly review meeting, which involved meeting with my subject monitor to discuss my progress linked to meeting the teaching standards. We also had a weekly meeting with our professional mentor and other trainees within the school. I felt these meetings very beneficial as we could discuss trends in different learning and teaching strategies and trial each others formats within our lessons. We also had other meetings in our professional studies sessions on different aspects of school life; such as data, reports, policies, the list is endless. I really enjoyed my time here and would strongly recommended training at PHS.

Victoria – PGCE Food