Year 6 Transition at PHS

Useful documents and resources for Year 6 students and parents/carers:


Y7 & Y8 New Parents Welcome Evening


Letter to Parents/Carers - 21/07/21


Week 3 - PHS Year 6 - FAQs


Week 3 - PHS Year 6 Virtual Tour


Week 3 - PHS Year 6 Transition (Activities – Virtual Tour)


Year 6 New Intake
Parents Meeting Presentation (PDF)

Year 6 New Intake
Parents Meeting Recording (Youtube)


Week 2 - PHS Year 6 Transition
(Activities – Where is everything)


Week 2 – PHS Year 6 Transition (Activities – PHS Site Map)


Week 1 - PHS Year 6 Transition (Activities - Getting to know you)


Transition Booklet Documentation:


Please find below the documentation previously sent to parents/carers. All returns or enquiries should be sent to


Transition Booklet
(Part 2 - Consent & Permissions letter to parents) - All Schools


Admission Form

Biometric Letter

Consent – Trips

Consent – Images

Friends of PHS

Personal Care Plan

Mobile Phones Contract


Transition Booklet
(Part 3 - Information & Policies)





Year 6 Transition at PHS





Welcome to ‘Monday - Week 3’ of our transition activities



This week’s activities include the following tasks:


  • Virtual Tour’ – your chance to continue to get to know our school by watching the Virtual Tour. One of our current Year 9 students takes you around the school and shows you what’s important, and we provide some additional information about what you will be learning next year in lessons.  There are a series of questions for you to answer where you can find the answers either on the homepage of our school website or in the virtual tour.  You can either complete them as you go along or watch it first and see what you can remember?!


  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)’ – hopefully you have had many of your questions answered in the last few weeks but we have been really impressed with the questions you have sent in. Hopefully, having read our answers you will be fully prepared!


We are looking forward to seeing those of you who can make our Summer School from Thursday onward – please remind your parent/carer to have completed and sent in all of the forms we have asked for.


If not, we’ll see you in September and a final letter to your parents/carers will be posted on this webpage at the end of term about our start of term arrangements.


Thanks again for all of your efforts with the activities we have created.


All the staff at Pershore High School.



Phil Hanson
Andrew Nockton
Deputy Headteacher

Zoe Budding
Assistant Headteacher
Denis Campbell
Director of Learning & Inclusion

Rachel Kilmister
Head of Armstrong
Ed Turfrey
Head of Kingsley

Paul Watson
Head of Magellan