Year 7 Transition at PHS

Useful documents and resources for Year 7 students and parents/carers:


Armstrong House Y7 Assembly (1st July 2020)

Kingsley House Y7 Assembly (1st July 2020)

Magellan House Y7 Assembly (1st July 2020)

PHS Year 7 Transition Activities - Section 3 (1st July 2020)

PHS New Intake Information Meeting - Live Event Recording (24th June 2020)

PHS New Intake Information Meeting - PowerPoint Slides (24th June 2020)

PHS Year 7 Transition Activities - Section 2 (24th June 2020)

PHS Site Map

Week 2 – Transition webpage message (24th June 2020)

PHS Year 7 Transition Activities - Section 1 (17th June 2020)

PHS Year 7 Virtual School Tour

Week 1 – Transition webpage message (17th June 2020)

Letter to students (12th June 2020)

Introductory Transition webpage message

Letter to parents & carers (1st May 2020)



New Intake Information Pack:

Please find below the documentation sent to parents/carers on Friday 19th June 2020 for completion (and/or retention) by Wednesday 1st July . All returns or enquiries should be sent to

New Intake Pack Introduction
PHS Consent & Permissions (Doc A)
PHS Information & Policies (Doc B)
Free School Meals application
Personal Care Plan
PHS 100 Club application

Year 7 Transition at PHS



Welcome to ‘Wednesday - Week 3’ of our transition activities


We hope you enjoyed using the School Map and managed to complete Section 2 of the ‘PHS Year 7 Transition Activities’ booklet last week.  Sections 1 & 2 will be sent to your Tutor ahead of your meeting with them in the last week of term – further details to follow.


Section 3 of the booklet can be downloaded from the link to the left.  We now move to completing some subject activities and this week contains:



Bookmark Challenge

School Leaver Challenge



Theatre Challenge



Facts about France Challenge



Using Sources to Investigate Diversity in History Challenge



The Physical Bingo Challenge


All the activities from this week will need to be handed in to your new subject teachers when you start in September.


For all tasks, follow the instructions given on how to complete them.  Where there is an opportunity to complete a task in the booklet you can do so by either writing on a printed version or completing it electronically on the PowerPoint slide.


Remember to focus on good scholarship, which means making sure your work is well organised and neatly presented, whether you are working on paper or electronically.


If you are completing the tasks electronically, you can add them to your overall Transition Activities Booklet or save them as separate subject documents if this is easier.  If you do this, just make sure your files are properly labelled e.g. PHS History Activity – Your Name


We would suggest that you try to complete this week’s activities before next week’s subjects are published on Wednesday though if you don’t manage to finish everything don’t worry – you have until you join us in September to complete everything as there will be quite a lot to do from your 14 subjects over the next three weeks.


We look forward to seeing you at tonight’s House Assemblies.  Your parent/carer has been sent an invite to the meeting, which starts at 6.15pm.  You will be able to ask questions through the ‘Q&A’ function though not verbally.  The recording of the House Assemblies will appear on this webpage on Thursday 2nd July.  


Remember you can still get in touch by using the following email address if you have any other questions:


Finally, please can you remind your parent/carer that the New Intake Pack documents for completion are due by today, Wednesday 1st July, if possible.


We hope you are all remaining safe and well.


All the staff at Pershore High School.

Phil Hanson
Andrew Nockton
Deputy Headteacher

Zoe Budding
Assistant Headteacher
Denis Campbell
Director of Learning & Inclusion

Rachel Kilmister
Head of Armstrong
Ed Turfrey
Head of Kingsley

Paul Watson
Head of Magellan