Arnolfini Gallery Visit

At the beginning of December a group of Year 9 students visited the Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol to see work by Grayson Perry, students also took part in a workshop.


On Monday 4th December 2017, I went on the Year 9 art trip with around 30 other people to the Arnolfini gallery in Bristol. The journey; by coach that we had down to Bristol was very calm and peaceful. After around 1 hour and 20 minutes of travelling we arrived near to the art gallery. W...hen the coach had dropped us off we had a short walk do the gallery, through a Christmas market and over a bridge then in front of us we saw the Arnolfini Art Gallery. I found that the bridge we walked over was very interesting because it was over the water next the harbour and on the bridge, there were padlocks attached to it, I thought that this looked very effective and historic.


When we arrived in the gallery we had a tour around the building which was very interesting because we got to see all of Grayson Perry’s art work. Grayson Perry is known for cross-dressing and some types of artwork that he creates are ceramic vases and large wall-hung tapestries. Grayson Perry was born in Chelmsford in 1960 and he is married to Philippa Perry and he has one child who is called Florence Perry.


I really enjoyed walking around his exhibition because it was good to see other people’s artwork so I will be able to get more ideas for own artwork. One of my favourite pieces of his artwork was his pink motorbike and in the back of the bike there was a place for a teddy bear which was called Alan measles. He was called this because it was part of his childhood where he had a friend called Alan who had the measles.


After looking at his artwork we did a workshop where we had to cut out images to create a collage of parts of Pershore high school and we used green paint as a green screen and through a camera where there was green paint we could see through it, we could see whatever the camera was pointing at. Overall, I think that the trip was very fun and interesting.



By Jacob Archer, Year 9.