German Exchange Visit to Bad Neustadt

37 of our students and 3 teachers enjoyed a week in the beautiful Rhön region of Germany recently. This was the second leg of the 22nd exchange between Pershore High School and the Werner-von-Siemens Realschule in Bad Neustadt. The first leg in Pershore took place in March.


We all stayed with our German partner’s families. On the Monday, we accompanied our partners to school and participated in a full morning of lessons. We were made particularly welcome and had to work pretty hard in the English lessons of course! After an official welcome from the mayor and a bit of VIP treatment from the local press, we were able to cool down at the open-air ‘Triamare’ pool. During the rest of the week, we enjoyed a full and varied programme of cultural, sporting and social activities, including a trip to the beautiful Franconian cities of Bamberg and Würzburg; a guided tour and cross-country skiing lesson at the former East German winter sports centre of Oberhof; a white knuckle bobsleigh ride down the Wasserkuppe and a fascinating but rather harrowing visit to the former East/West border control at Point Alpha in the Fulda Gap.


Meanwhile, Year 12 students Maddie Bourn and Sarah Moynihan spent the week doing a work experience placement as Foreign Language Assistants in the Realschule. They both received glowing reports from the school for their efforts.


Every evening and the Sunday was spent with our host families and we were treated to some typically warm and friendly Bavarian hospitality. Cue a few embarrassing mix-ups with the language, but that was all part of the fun and the whole experience should do wonders for our German next year.


A huge ‘danke schön’ should go to the host families and staff of the Realschule – and in particular to the exchange organisers Markus Feser and Christine Johannes - for making the week such a wonderful adventure.



And here, a few of our holiday snaps………