Authors are like buses...

If you are patient enough, as PHS students have recently learned, two come along at once!

Our first visit, on 9th October, was to the Beeline Festival in Worcester, where some Year 8 students were lucky enough to meet the acclaimed writer, David Almond. Here are some of their reflections:

David gave us advice on how you get inspiration for writing books anywhere, even walking down the street. It inspired many of the people that attended the event that if you try your hardest to do something you can do it!                                                                                                    

Holly Till ANH

He answered a lot of our questions; however he wouldn’t tell us how old he was! I enjoyed listening to him explain how he began his writing career; he also inspired me to read more and to write more often! There was also an opportunity to buy one of his books and to have it signed. It was a very enjoyable trip.   

                                                                                                          Rosie Edwards KHJ

I enjoyed listening to his childhood memories and how he wanted to be a writer when he was only a baby- in his uncle’s printing shop! He inspired me to start reading more and to try harder in lessons.


Meg Hill MHW

Our second visit came just over a week later, this time to Kings School, Worcester on 18th October, where Michael Grant – known to students as the author of the popular Gone series – was making an appearance.

Michael entertained students with stories of his youth, describing himself as the opposite of a role model! Following his misspent teen years, it was the course of true love that turned Michael into a writer; together with his wife, he created the fantastical Animorphs series.

However, Michael was visiting to talk about his latest publication, Monster, which continues the exploits of the teen characters we meet in the Gone series. Michael impressed our Year 9 students with his honesty and humour:

He told us about his personal life without being embarrassed about it.  

Raya Orme KAH

It was very exciting to see him and I found it interesting to find out about his new book.


Jacob Archer MSAM

We look forward to more fantastic author visits in the future!