Canoeists save man and his dog


Due to the calm and brave actions of three Pershore High School students, a man and his dog were recently rescued from the River Severn in Worcester.


Charlotte Whitehead (15) from Brockhill Village, Callum Strickland (15) from Norton and Tom Banks (15) from Brockhill Village, who are taking Sports Science as part of their GCSEs and as one of their disciplines, are members of Worcester Canoe Club.


They recently met up for a trip intending to head up the Severn to The Camp House at Grimley. On the way they came across a man who had fallen in the river whilst trying to rescue his dog, he was shivering and hanging onto a tree on the river bank. The man was unable to climb up the steep bank and was holding onto his golden Labrador in waist high waters.


Tom Banks spotted the man and alerted his fellow canoeists, and they put their emergency training into action. Through their quick thinking, calmness and team work they were able to get both the man and the dog into the boat and took them to a place of safety where they were able to climb up the banks to the where the man’s wife was waiting.


Worcester Canoe Club coach, Malcolm Upwood, said that the man could have suffered from hypothermia if the group had not found him. He said: “I am really proud of the juniors. They knew we had to keep him calm, they went into rescue mode and no one panicked. They put their rescue training into operation.”


Head teacher Clive Corbett commented: “They really are three special young people. Above all, they don’t think that they did anything particularly special – their modesty is typical of them and I am very proud to be associated with them.”