Environmental Awards

James Rowberry has been a member of the Eco Group since he was in Year 8 and he’s now in Year 13. James has been a great source of support over the years and has been involved in a whole variety of environmental projects from making bird boxes, bug homes, planting trees, making jams and chutneys, community gardening and giving up his free time to help create the new Eco Garden. He’s also been very helpful on the IT front assisting with putting together leaflets, assemblies and a ppt for the Friends. He’ll be greatly missed when he finally leaves.

Lucy Barker: is a keen environmentalist both in and out of school, who has been a really strong influence in the group and a great supporter of the projects we’ve been involved in. She has been active in a great variety of initiatives including helping to publicise the group’s activities in school, leading an assembly on water and waste, helping to plant up the Eco Garden and making jams and chutneys to sell to raise funds, to name but a few. She is also a keen researcher who is very aware of current environmental issues and supplies the Group with all sorts of interesting facts about environmental projects.

Ella Witheford: has been a member of the Eco Group for almost three years and always gets involved in our projects. She’s also a member of the Year 10 RHS Horticulture course as well and has been actively involved in planting up the Quad and growing a variety of plants, herbs and vegetables in the Eco Garden. Ella has helped to raise funds for the group by making jams and chutneys and also selling plants in school. Her Alpine Trough was highly commended in a competition organised by the Alpine Society and exhibited at the Malvern Show.

Ellen Day has recently joined the group since starting in Year 12 last September. She is a very reliable and responsible member of the group who interacts well with the younger students. She has helped make posters about the benefits of recycling, harvested fruit and vegetables from the Eco Garden and used these to make chutney selling jars in school to bolster the Group’s funds. She has also been involved in our ongoing project of making a large “Bug”ingham Palace in the Eco Garden .

Alice Forson has been with the group since Year 9 and has always provided lots of ideas and support for project s such as the Switch it Off campaign we ran in school to focus attention on saving energy. She has also been involved in delivering assembles, water workshops, creating water and energy saving posters and planting up the Eco Garden with vegetables. Alice is probably our most persuasive jam and chutney seller! She has also planted Spring bulbs around the school site. It was Alice who came up with the idea of our “Bug”ingham Palace and she was a key participant in the Alpine Trough competition.

Matt Ball is a very enthusiastic group member from Year 8 who has helped the group enormously this year with lots of practical tasks such as filling the raised beds, watering the polytunnel, planting potatoes and onions as well as making chutney and crumbles. Matt is quite a “foodie” and can be relied upon to provide the group with some exotic recipes for our home grown produce. His rhubarb soufflé recipe was mouth watering!

Dominik Lee- Sustainable House:

Year 8’s were challenged to create a sustainable home for the future and Dominik rose to that challenge with style. He created a spectacular house with a range of sustainable features, incorporating ground source heating; solar panels for electricity and hot water; a garden with space for home-grown vegetables and large windows for natural light. Dominik also crafted his house with precision, using materials in a very inventive way. The geography department have been allowed to keep it as well, and this means they will be able to inspire future students to create spectacular homes.

Mr Wilkinson and Dr Dale from Pershore Civic Society very kindly presented prizes of £35 to seven students in recognition of their environmental work in school this year. Teacher, Kate Herbert, is also pictured.