House Competition

Wednesday 12th July saw the conclusion of the 2016-17 House competition at Pershore High School.

The outcome of Sports Day was:


Armstrong 690
Kingsley 674
Magellan 650


Three new school records were set:


Year 10 Girls Shot - Leyla Eminoglu (Magellan) 9.9 m (beating 8.87); Year 8 Girls Relay - Armstrong - 60.83 secs, beating 61.0
Year 10 girls relay - Magellan - 57.09 secs, beating 59.88.


The outcome of the whole competition for the year was (average points per student):


Armstrong 382.45
Magellan 379.25
Kingsley 374.09
Armstrong win the Pardoe Cup, named after the school's first headmaster (1932-57).


Pictured are: Georgia Randall and Fabrice Kemogne (House Captains); Rachel Kilmister (Head of House); Megan Thoms (House Captain); Emma Hall (House Support Officer); James Layton-Hill (Deputy Head of House).


Georgia holds the House Cup, Mr Layton-Hill the Sports Day trophy.