Pershore Alumni Receives Prestigious Award

We were delighted to hear of the prestigious  British Expertise International Award, for an International Capacity Building Project, recently won by Pershore Alumni Derek Thorne ('97) whilst working for Thomson Reuters Foundation.



The project, Wealth of Nations (WoN), works with Africa’s leading journalists and media organisations to expose those responsible for abusing tax and plundering assets.

Africa loses more in this way than it receives through foreign aid, and yet this phenomenon is rarely the subject of in-depth media investigation.

WoN worked with around 200 journalists and 24 newsrooms from 35 African countries. Derek set up and ran the programme over a three-year period.



The project helped many journalists produce stories on this complex and important topic. There were investigations into tax evasion and avoidance in many countries, from Botswana to Zambia and many others. Other stories covered issues like smuggling and corruption.  

Congratulations Derek! 



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