PHS boys win Juniors District Cross Country title


Pershore High School boys win Junior District Cross Country title.


On Friday 11th November, 16 Year 8 runners took part in the District Cross Country Championship held at Prince Henry’s High School.  All runners performed extremely well as the table below shows.


Kian Collins 2nd

Jaz Franks 3rd

Jack Kehoe 3rd

Jo Barker 6th

Owen Kirby 6th

Madeleine Oswell 11th

Spencer Johnson White 17th

Zoe Bugg 15th

Alex Proctor 21st

Verity Hodge 16th

Toby Grant 26th

Ffion Roberts 19th

Tyler Ruff 32

Gab Bruce 35th

Connor Bulman 33rd



Pupils ran as a team and after the positions of the first four runners were added up, the girls' team finished in 3rd place, and the boys won the competition with a very impressive score.