Rebecca’s Art Project: Celebrates War Veteran’s Life

Pershore Sixth Form outgoing Head Girl, Rebecca Hodgkins, recently carried out an art project that celebrates the testimonies of a World War 2 veteran called Eric Tipping ("Tip").


Rebecca (18) from Brockhill Village, Norton, near Worcester, devoted time to recording some of Eric’s Second World War stories and, in turn, made a variety of artworks to represent each individual story.


Rebecca put on an exhibition of these works at St Peter’s Garden Centre, Norton, where Eric and fellow veterans were invited as guests of honour.


At the private viewing Eric was visibly proud and made a very moving speech. He also wrote a beautiful letter, which is in Rebecca’s sketchbook, about how overwhelmed and humbled he was because of the way Rebecca has celebrated his life. Rebecca said, “I have been incredibly lucky to have had the chance to record this soldier’s history in an art form and it has been a pleasure to do so”.