Remembering Dennis and Rosemary Askew


On Monday 12th September I was honoured to host a tree planting ceremony to mark the contribution to Pershore High School of two members of staff. Rosemary Askew, who died this January, was Head of Religious Education at the school, introducing A level in the subject. She was at Pershore between 1975 and 1993, being involved in numerous activities, including running the annual carol service, charitable work, supporting drama productions and participating in the Pershore-Bad Neustadt exchange programme. Her husband, Dennis, who passed away in May 2009 was Head of Environmental Studies from 1974 to 1991. Dennis’ passion for conservation was marked by the planting of a sorbus torminalis or wild service/chequers tree. Rosemary and Dennis’ children, Chris Newson and Elizabeth Tyler, are pictured with former colleagues Chris Evans and Jo Bridgewater. It was an enormous privilege to mark the exemplary service of two former teachers of Pershore High School.


Clive Corbett