Success for Year 8 Netball Team


On Tuesday 31st January, Pershore High School won the district netball tournament, competing against Bredon Hill (A and B), De Montfort, St Egwin’s and a second Pershore High team.


Our team performed really well considering this is our first season playing together. The conditions did not work in our favour as it rained throughout the matches making it more difficult for all the teams to play their best. There was really good defending by Emily, Gab, Jaz, Lily and Zoe. And some amazing shooting from Charlotte and Liv scoring a total of 24 goals between them supported in attack by Paige and Darcy.  This was a great start to our season and we all hope the rest of the season goes as well as this.


The Pershore B team also performed excellently and played some closely fought games and showed great determination and team-spirit.



Write up by Darcy Bridge (Team Captain)