Unifest Sport Course

Pershore High School student, Eloise Seale (14) from Pershore, recently took part in the Unifest Sport course at Worcester University. The two-day course included participating in multiple activities, such as kayaking and wheelchair basketball, as well as discussing injury rehabilitation and analysis of performance through the use of motion capture. This was a small insight into the many courses the university offer for people who enjoy sport and would like to peruse it as a career.


The course also included talking to experienced students from the university and talk to them about their learning journey also settling any concerns students may have had about a course or university life in general. Eloise felt that the course was a valuable experience which will help her to understand some of her options and develop her own views on what she hopes to do in the future.


Eloise said: “This was an experience that I would have never thought of doing, although I am so glad I had a go and I tried something new because I believe this has helped me to get the most out of this experience, as well as making some new friends and learning about other people’s cultures and beliefs. I hope that other Y ear 10 students will be given this amazing opportunity because if they get half as much out of it as I did I think it would help so many young teens”