Visit of Lucy Alexander

On Monday, 6th February, Lucy Alexander, whose son, Felix, died last April, launched Felix's Campaign for Kindness at Pershore High School. Her campaign, run with the charity Place2Be, aims to teach staff and students how to spot the signs of mental health problems.


Clive Corbett said: "Since Felix's tragic death last year we have worked very closely with Lucy and her family to try to find a positive way forward from the terrible events of last April. Supported by the charity, Place2Be, in June and July we are introducing training for both staff and young people. This will focus upon mental health awareness, making sure that staff and students alike can spot the signs of young people who may have very serious issues or may simply be in need of support. A peer mentor scheme through which young people will support their peers will also be introduced.”


Lucy is seen speaking to Sixth Form students at the introductory assembly as well as signing a pledge, Felix’s Charter of Kindness. All students at Pershore High School will sign up to this during the course of three more assemblies later this week.


Read a message from Lucy Alexander here...